Functions & Technology

“GEOSYS” is Kabuto’s first dual-purpose model that can comfortably handle high-speed on-road riding in a style with a visor to support full-scale adventure riding.

The visor, the most distinctive feature of the GEOSYS, is designed for aerodynamics to reduce aerodynamic drag without compromising the visor’s performance as a glare- and mud-protection device. The visor is shaped to catch wind and direct it to the air vents, and the angle can be adjusted in five positions according to riding style, to provide stable riding performance.

Chin ventilation is separated in two. Ventilation preventing fogging of the shield and ventilation of the mouth are independent for each role.
In addition, the top ventilation is a switch type for easy opening and closing, and one-touch operation is possible even with gloves on.

In terms of on-road performance, Kabuto’s patented “Wake Stabilizer” system reduces the load at high speeds, making this a dual-purpose helmet that meets the rider’s needs.

Large Switch Type Ventilation

Large switch type ventilation allows smooth opening and closing operation even with gloves.

Separate Chin Ventilation for Defogging and Mouth Ventilation

Chin ventilation is divided into two sections: One for defogging the shield and the other for ventilation of the mouth area. This creates efficient ventilation and keeps the inside of the helmet comfortable even during high-impact off-road riding.

Visor Shape to Reduce Aerodynamic Drag. 5-step Movable Visor Allows Field of View Adjustment

Visor angle can be adjusted in 5 levels. Visor shape is designed to reduce air resistance.

Goggles can be Used with the Shield in Place

Designed for off-road riding and compatible with goggles. Goggles can be attached with the shield in place, making it easy to change the style.
*Goggles is not included. Please purchase goggles on the market. Some special shapes cannot be attached.

Shield is Detatchable with the Visor in Place

The ratchet mechanism is employed to allow shield removable and attachment even with the visor in place. Shield maintenance can be easy to perform.

Integrated Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)

Kabuto’s patented technology, that controls the air around the helmet and decreases the pressure to the rider.

(A.C.T.)Advanced Composite Technology

A.C.T. (Advanced Composite Technology), a high-strength composite material that combines penetration resistance and impact absorption, has been introduced to optimize the strength of each part of the shell.

Visor with Holes for Avoidance of Anti-glare and Mud Stone

Visor incorporates vents for catching the driving wind without compromising its performance as a glare-proofing and mud stone avoidance function.

Pinlock® Original Insert Lens (Optional)

This lens helps maintain a balance between the outside temperature and the temperature inside the helmet to reduce shield fogging.

Glasses Friendly Cheek Pad

Cheek pads shape is designed glasses friendly.

Fully Detachable Interior Pads

Interior pads are fully detachable and washable.


COOLMAX® material is used for all the areas where your skin touches. Interior pads are fully detachable and washable.

DEOFACTOR®, Antibacterial Processed Interior

DEOFACTOR® abtibacterial processing, which suppresses the growth of bacteria on textiles, is used for the outer materialof the inner pads.

Wind Shutter No.8 (Included)

Wind Shutter helps to reduce wind entrainment near the chin while riding. Detachable according to your preference.

Stability and Quietness Contributes Concentration on Riding

Newly designed CD-1 shield ratchet improves sealing and quietness.

Space for Speakers

By removing the detachable ear cups, intercom speakers are attachable on left and right sides.
*Some special shape speakers cannot be fitted.