F-17 mips Flat Black

Kabuto released a new full-face racing model flagship “F-17 (F-itinana)” that adopts the latest aerodynamic technology.

In the world of competition, riding action is aggressively repeated. In order to reduce the load on the rider as much as possible, the main concept given to the new flagship is “omni-directional aerodynamics”.

  • Color:  Flat Black
  • Size: XS (54-55cm) / S (55-56cm) / M (57-58cm) / L (59-60cm) / XL (61-62cm) / XXL (63-64cm)
  • Standard: ECE 22.06 and FIM Approved standards
  • Standard Shield: DAF-1R Shield (Clear)
    • Includes:
      • Pinlock® Original Insert Lens included
      • Breath Guard No.10
      • Wind Shutter No.5
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In order to update the know-how of Kabuto aerodynamics to the next stage, the new F-17 features a ribbed shell that optimizes aerodynamic characteristics, a brushed-up version of the conventional aerodynamic device “Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)”, and a newly developed device “Crest Spoiler (PAT.)” . By adding an arcuate device to the top of the head, it reduces the lift force generated in various riding positions, such as when riding in a straight line, cornering, and when checking behind, and increase the sense of stability when riding. In terms of comfort, the design concept has been completely renewed to provide a comfortable, enveloping fit. Newly adopted head side ventilation and chin ventilation with wider opening area provide fresh air to inner surface of shield and excellent cooling performance. In addition, Kabuto’s standard cheek pads for eyeglasses, Emergency System (PAT.P.) for quick and safe removal of helmet in case of accident and dedicated space for installation of intercom are adopted. These are just a few of the elements that have been adopted to make this a racing model with touring utility in mind

  • Omni-directional aerodynamics with state-of-the-art aeroforming to keep you focused while riding.
  • State-of-the-art shell moulding technology and safety design that combines superior penetration resistance and shock absorption.
  • A.C.T.-2, the new shell structure that further evolves the A.C.T. structure.
  • Adopted new DAF-R ratchet with two-axis configuration and centre lock with a large lever.
  • Side ventilations capture the wind efficiently even in the cornering position and are expected to introduce the same amount of air as in the straight-line position.
  • Top aero ventilation for rectification effect and release of hot air inside a helmet.
  • The design concept has been reviewed and thoroughly verified to realise “ease of putting on and off” and “superb wearing comfort”.
  • DEOFACTOR® antimicrobial treatment is used on the inner pad surface to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the fibres.
  • Kabuto’s original Emergency System (PAT.P) allows you to take off your helmet easily, quickly, and safely in case of an accident.
  • Glasses-friendly cheek pad shape.
  • A dedicated mounting space is provided for intercom installation.
  • A total of six sizes from XS to XXL are available.
  • Glass coating kit for helmet.

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