A chat with Ryan Yanko

A chat with Ryan Yanko

A chat with Queensland Championship winner Ryan Yanko.

Self-employed diesel fitter and multiple Queensland Champion Ryan Yanko has an addiction and he knows it.
In his case it’s a big, red 1300cc twin from Bologna, and the act of competing on it and holding the go-tube as far south as it will go.

Name: Ryan Yanko
Age: 32
From: Biloela
Discipline: Formula 1 Superbike
Bike: Ducati 1299s, 1199s, 1198sp, 998s, 748s

Sponsors: Kabuto Helmets, Five gloves, Shell Advanced Oils, the boys at MotoNational, Kabuto Helmets, Betta Pork – a local family business concentrating on sustainable farming and providing the very best living environments possible for their animals, and Active motorcycles Biloela

I ride a motorcycle because: It’s in my blood. Anyone that races or owns a bike understands the passion it brings out in you. It’s an addiction harder to shake than smoking or heroin!
The reason I compete aboard one is: The addiction. My addiction to Ducati is as strong as the addiction to race.
What I love about my bike is: 1300cc V-twin with all the telemetry and electronic wizardry…. what’s not to love? Oh, and its red! Haha.
My discipline of motorcycle sport is: Formula 1 Superbike, 1000cc and above.
The thing I love about it is: Trying to ride one of these bikes is comparable to taming a lion. With these machines making upwards of 200HP they are a handful to say the least, and the satisfaction in getting a PB or a race win while trying to wrestle one of the monsters around a track is second to none.
Biggest high from racing? Apart from winning the Qld road racing championship last year, one of my biggest highs was a top-ten finish in the ASBK round at Morgan Park.
My Favourite track would have to be: Morgan Park, it’s a very technical track and I enjoy the variety that the track has to offer with its layout.
The person who taught me the most about my sport is: My Dad, Dave Yanko. He was a very competent racer back in his day and has always made the time to be at race events and help me grow along the way. I always appreciate good advice, and am ready to listen when it’s given to me. I have made some good friends around the tracks of Australia and the advice they have given me has been great.
The people whose backing makes all the difference are: Firstly, my family and friends that support me. My wife Trudi has to be the most understanding and patient women ever! She is the backbone of the family when I’m busy working or racing. My friends that are always on track to help out in the pits and cheer me on and also my Sponsors.
Outside of my motorcycle life I: I am self-employed as a Diesel Fitter. Unfortunately, this means long hours and a lot of working away from home in the mines.
This year my goals are: Outright pro twins and superbike champion in FX super series. Superbike champion in southern downs and Qld road race series. Top 10 finish in ASBK round at Morgan Park.
The aspect of my motorcycling that I’ll be focusing on most is: After years of racing, it’s time to focus on the fitness this year and get into shape.

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