Kabuto RT-33 Helmet Product Review

Kabuto RT-33 Helmet Product Review

Pommie puts the Kabuto RT-33 helmet to the test through Australian winter

conditions. Review: Tony ‘Pommie’ Wilding

I’m not sure what it is about helmets that I like, but I can get a leather race suit, boots and gloves and that’s nice, but when a new helmet arrives my blood starts pumping and I rip open the box like a kid at Christmas and can’t wait to see what I’ve got.

Kabuto make some great helmets and this is my second. The first I’ve had for a couple of years and still looks like new even after seeing action in all conditions, a testament to the Kabuto’s quality.

My new helmet is a RT-33 and is constructed of five composite layers, the outer layer is called hyper fibre, and then high strength organic synthesis fibre, high-tensile synthesis fibre and finally hyper glass fibre all called Advanced Composite Technology.

What all this means is it’s a strong helmet, my dad who still rides motorbikes always had the saying when getting a helmet, “How much is your head worth?” Meaning you see helmets for as little as $99, less sometimes for an open face one, all are supposed to have gone through Australian Standards, but when it comes down to protecting my head in the event of a bad accident, I really want a helmet like this Kabuto RT-33, that you know they have spent a lot of money developing to make as safe as possible.


Other than being strong and well made, the helmet has one of the best visor changing systems around, it’s as simple as pressing the buttons on each sides and releasing the visor to swap for a tinted or clear one, it’s that easy.

It has also got one of the best ventilation systems I’ve seen and actually works, closable vents at the front force air onto your head while vents at the back extract hot air from the helmet. It works that well that on my first ride on a cold day I pulled over took my helmet off and closed all the vents as my head was freezing with the cool air coming in.

Now I know where all the vents are it’s easy to open and close them on the move, which make riding so much more pleasurable. As with my last Kabuto, I love my new lid, but with this new ventilation system, even more so.


The Kabuto RT-33 comes in sizes XS to 3XL in a variety of colour options including: Flat Black, Flat Gun Metal, Flat Black/Silver, White/Red/Blue, Green/orange, Flat Black, Matt Black/Red, Red/White/Blue, for $579.96 RRP as tested.

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